PVC Elevator Belt
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Key Features and Benefits:                    

• Multiply inter-woven carcass keeps synchronous in the course of weaving, impregnation, plasticization and paste. The structure is stressed in balance.                         
The dipping elastomer could bind all the yarn, composing a close-grained and flexible carcass. No excessive pulling and compression. Keep a good running trail and not easy to off track.                        
• Compared to the rubber elevator belt, it’s uniformly stressed to ensure the strong elevating capability. No peeling off both on the cover rubber and between ply and ply with superior tear resistance.                        
• Good bolt retention and makes a strong joint between the bucket and belt.                        
• With better properties such as resistance to oils, chemicals, dumps and wear compared to the rubber elevator belt.                        
• The belt is of weight light, strong structure and low driving power. With superior anti-elongation and lower extension rate compared to the rubber elevator belt.                        
• Its fire retardant and anti-static property guarantee safer working condition while running.                        
• Well suited to grain handling industries.           

Technical Specifications :
Model Color Rated Tensile Strength In Wrap (N/mm) Thickness (mm) Working Temperature (°C) Elongation at Rated Load (%) Recommended Minimum Diameter of Pulley (mm)
PVC400 Cover:Blue 500 4.9—5.4 -15กซ+85 0.6 100
PVC600   700 5.9—6.4 0.6 150
PVC800 Carcass:White 900 7.0—7.5 0.7 250
PVC1000   1100 8.5—9.0 0.7 350

Performance Of PVC cover :

Index Units Value
Tensile Strength MPa ≥20
Adhesion Strength for Cover Against Carcass N/mm ≥7.0
Elongation at Break % ≥300
Abrasion Loss mm³ ≤100
Electrical Conductivity ≤300
Flammbility (with flame) s ≤10
Flammbility (without flame) s ≤30

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