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EAI’s Sealer Belt (PTFE)

EAI’s Sealer Belt (PTFE) - EAI’s Sealer Belt (PTFE) is ideally suited in situation where thermal transfer through the surface of the belt is required in order to seal plastic materials.


EAI’s Sealer Belt (PTFE) is ideal for sealing the Ends of Packets in the Following Industries

• Biscuit Industries
• Toilet roll manufacturers
• other industries that require dependable sealing

Features / Benefits

EAI’s Sealer Belt (PTFE) has tracking studs inserted into one edge of the belt that prevents the belts from tracking off thereby increase its service life.

EAI’s Premium Grade Sealer Belt (PTFE) has a non- stick, high temperature resistant surface that prevents any molten plastics from building up on the belts surface.

Material Properties

• Non-stick PTFE Surface
• Temperature resistant up to 260íŠ
• Lightweight and energy efficiency for economical operation

Item No thickness Max width Strip strength temperature Remark
PT09 0.09mm 1000mm 300N/100mm -70-260íŠ Without Cloth
PT018 0.18mm 1000mm 400N/100mm -70-260íŠ Without Cloth
PT025 0.25mm 1000mm 650N/100mm -70-260íŠ Without Cloth
PT030 0.30mm 1000mm 950N/100mm -70-260íŠ Without Cloth

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